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2018 Salon Marketing

Happy 2018! Hope this year bring prosperous to your business and get your target achieved! It is time to step up the game and keep up with this year trend! We are here to help you sort out famous marketing trend that we have seen more popularity growth from last year. Here are 5 marketing trends we think could help your business shine in 2018!

santa blog naughty

Ho Ho Ho! The most wonderful time of the year will arrive in few weeks! Make sure your beauty salon is not on Santa's naughty list! have you started your Christmas marketing campaign? In any way you do it, you can always aim to sell more during this gift-giving season. Here are 5 tips to improve your Christmas marketing campaign so you can get crossed off from naughty list! 

1111 blackfriday

In case you haven't get the memo, November month is famous for Sales! We have 3 big sales day to celebrate this month which are 11.11 (singles' day), Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. These big sales will make your customer swoon your products like crazy! Still feel unconvinced? Check out the numbers, Singapore seems to be leading in Black Friday trending last year.

beauty expo17

Booo! Halloween has been gaining its popularity in South East Asia these recent years. Who can say no to scary and yet fun costume celebration? More and more businesses within this region joining for it marketing benefits. Hey, it is one more reason to let the customer come by at your business! Try this golden opportunity to generate more sales and increase your branding awareness.

beauty expo17

Hey, Beauty, Spa, and Salon business owner! will you be attending KL Beauty Expo 2017? Come to our booth and say hi! Our booth no. is 4025. We will be there for 4 days straight from 6th October until 9th October (Friday to Monday). If you have any question about WESS, we will be happy to answer it for you. Don't forget to mark your calendar for this important date!

Here are 5 reasons why you should come to this Beauty Expo:

Image by Su--May, via Flickr

It is almost that time of the year again! In a few days, Singapore will turn 52! This significant festive can be a good boost for your beauty, salon and spa business. When campaigning during this day, it may not always about the sales. You could do it for branding and get your brand recognized by locals around you! This is the right time to increase more customer base by handing out that promotion voucher.

CRM tools for business

When speaking of Customer Relationship Management Tools (CRM), what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A complicated software? A tool that helps you to store a customer information? A database? You probably thought it is better to avoid the complicated CRM software and handling your business without using any software. But did you know, CRM does offer a lot of features that could help you increase your sales efficiency! With CRM you can close more deals, improve conversion rate, retain a relationship with your customers and increase your business revenue.

more customer

Online booking system brings a lot of benefits to your business, but it could take some time to let your beloved customer changing the usual way they book an appointment. Encouraging your customer to book online can increase your business productivity while booking on the phone can be time-consuming and it also needs your full attention. The more your customer book online, the more it would help you to reduce your front office from clutter.