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Groupon is a great marketing tool, but it also has its pros and cons for your business. There is no doubt that Groupon can be a nightmare for small businesses. If you feel the need to expose your Beauty, Spa, and Salon brand to new customers or simply clearing out your inventory, you can give Groupon a try, but make sure you proceed with caution. 

It is always better to be prepared before you made a deal on Groupon. For instance, if you do not have a good marketing plan, imagine a situation where suddenly they're a lot of customer traffic rush into your premise and then you are short-staffed. This will result in unhappy customers because of long waiting times, poor customer service, and it will also affect your brand reputation. Furthermore, It is essential to do more research about your local Groupon terms and condition to avoid any loss in the future.

Here are 6 things to look out for when using Groupon for your Spa and Salon business:-

1. Offer a discount without losing your money

Do your math! Study the cost if it's worth making a Groupon sales for your business. Groupon terms require you to give at least 50% of your calculated profit. Make sure you give a reasonable discount pricing for your product or services. You also must estimate the cost of your time, employees, and inventory to cater to the Groupon customer.

2. Keep the customer on the hook 

Groupon is originally a marketing tool to introduce new customers to your business, but the customer may not always come back. This is where you can build a bridge and strengthen the customer relationship, it is your call to either doing a hard sell or soft sell marketing strategy to let them register your monthly package, but both of this method is proven to keep customers relationship.

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Other than that, don't treat your Groupon customer like a second class citizen. Treating them like a regular customer will leave them an enjoyable and memorable first impression when going to your treatment, and surely, they will come back for more. After finish with their treatment, you can always ask them to sign up for a membership or to get their personal information such as phone number and email for follow-up marketing.

3. Create a product and service package

Instead of promoting a single treatment or product promotion. Alternatively, you could also sell products package, installment service package, or a combination of both. With WESS, you can simply create a special package for Groupon. You can combine the product and services in this package then save it from being explicitly used for Groupon later.

4. Opt for the slow business day to accept Groupon redemption

Choose a slow business day or non-peak hour to be able to accommodate Groupon customers like weekdays.  If you feel overwhelmed by the request and short-staffed, you could also hire a part-timer for this Groupon campaign.

5. Encourage online booking

Using online booking is a win-win situation, most customers prefer to do an online booking instead of phone booking, ask them to book first hand could save you a lot of trouble and it easy for you or your staff to manage the crowd, WESS completes with online booking features, the only thing you have to do is assign them to an available time slot.

6. Branding reputation

The most important thing is taking care of your branding, make sure the feedback and word of mouth marketing are favorable for your business. Inadequate services experience could spread the gossip about your business like wildfire, even worst if your customer leaves a bad rating on online platforms such as your Facebook page, foursquare, yelp, etc.

Bottom line: Groupon is an excellent tool for your brand exposure but does not merely proceed without a proper marketing plan, or you will lose money and could hurt your business in some way. By conducting more research and making preparation to help your business reach new customers streams. What do you think? To Groupon or not?

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