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Don't lose out the good information that your customer holding back! get them to answer your survey! Last month, WESS has introduced a new survey form feature. This addition will help greatly in making your business decision. A complete all in one solution, so you don't have to spend more money on other software to evaluate your business.

There are many reasons why your business will need to use a survey. It is one of a good way to analyse your customer need, behaviour and attract more potential customer coming to your doorstep. The less intrusive way to ask your customer filling out the survey is while they wait for a treatment session or before they leaving the premise. 

1. Understand what your customer really want

Listen to your customer, their opinion matter! you can start asking a relevant question like their favourite beauty product or services they experience from other businesses. You can use this study to get on board with the current hype and figure out the latest trend that will attract more customer.

2. Find out your customer impression about your business

Creating a survey is also a good way to strengthen your customer relationship. Let your customer know their feedback can be anonymous, so they can give an honest & real feedback. It may stink a little, but it necessary for your business health. This is where you can re-evaluate and find a room of improvement for your business.

3. Get demographic of your target audience for online marketing

Numbers don't lie, study a demographic of your customer. Who is more attracted to your business? is there more male or female? is it baby boomers or millennials? do they live nearer? You can also figure out their favourite hobby and beauty routine. All this information can be use to get better ads targeting in your social media or your customer email list.

There are countless of ways you can use a survey to help your business. If you are still finding a good business management system. You can give WESS a try, it is specifically designed for Beauty, Spa and Salon business. Contact us now to get 30 days free trial.