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Nail Salon

Operating a nail salon can be quite a handful and it will always need your utmost attention. But did you know that a Salon software can help ease your daily business activity for your nail salon? Not Just that, it also helps you save a lot more! you can now splurge all your money on things that really matter for your business. With WESS, you can grow and achieve a true potential of your nail salon business and manage more store without breaking a sweat!

1. Appointment

Tired of writing in an appointment book? always overbook your salon appointment? Hard to keep track a no-show customer? A Salon software can solve all your typical appointment problem. With WESS, you can take as many appointments as you want and you can arrange them by just drag and drop to the appointment slot. WESS Appointment book features can help your business greatly, it saves times at the front office and gives an effortlessly smooth experience when your customer schedule an appointment.

2. Customers

Collecting customer information can be time-consuming and require more effort from you and your customer. If you are still using a spreadsheet to store your customer information, you will probably be having a hard time to save and keep track your customer record. Not to mention, there is a possibility of duplicated customer info. WESS work greatly to helps you maintain a good relationship with your existing customers. you also can keep more details you need like a health record, treatment's comment, and overall customer history. The customer database will be integrated with SMS and email marketing, so you don't have to setup everything manually.

3. Point of Sales

A traditional cash machine is no longer relevant since many businesses have started using a tablet for a sales transaction. Not only it gives a stylish and modern look, it also allows you to save the transaction record in the cloud and save more time. WESS Point of Sales features also allow you to give receipt via emails and indirectly collect your customer email's for a follow-up marketing. Furthermore, it helps you to set employee commission automatically so you will not have to calculate everything.

4. Inventory

It is important to keep your inventory clean and systematic. Often times, you will over estimate on that low sales performance product and always keep on having a shortage of that best selling product. WESS allows you to do a real-time tracking of your inventory, so you can order more consistently and never have any problem in your inventory.

5. Reports

Analysing your business performance is important. This is to ensure your business flow is healthy and allows you to measure next month budget. However, work with everything offline is hard for you to estimate your monthly report. There are so many calculation need to be done and to get an accurate number is almost impossible. WESS can give you an accurate report for daily and monthly, anywhere, anytime.

In Conclusion, Implementing a software solution to your business could help you to increase overall productivity and give you a systematic business operation. Not just that, now you can clear out your busy schedule and spend more quality times with your family and loved ones.

If you would like to know more about WESS features, heads up our WESS Awesome Features page.

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