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Spa Spring Clean

Gong Xi Fa Cai! While we are eagerly waiting for Chinese New Year. We know that you will probably busy with spring cleaning for your spa and salon before the holiday break! To ensure smooth business year ahead, here are 5 areas you should add to your spring cleaning list!

1. Online Presence

Online clutter needs to be clear too! If last year you don't do any schedule and post randomly. Now you can start managing your social media marketing better! Make sure you plan out your blog and Facebook post in advance! Free social media planner like Buffer can help you schedule and plan social media! By planning out early, it gives you more time to focus on other things and know what to expect soon.

2. Customer list

When you get a lot of email list from last year campaign, but turns out half of your email subscriber didn't even bother opening or also fail to receive your newsletter. This new year is the right time to start fresh and remove the inactive subscriber from your email list! Send them a notification if they still interested to get more news from you. You can start filling your email list again with a better campaign and improve your conversion rate!

3. Operation

How do you improve your overall Spa and Salon operation? Is there any area you can make it better? Squeezing out a few minutes could still affect significantly for your business more than you realize! Instead of using the traditional method when handling your appointment, you can start taking charge of your business with WESS. WESS help you reduce your waiting line and generate more sales by improving your overall business operation!

4. Inventory

Inventory is the backbone of a successful business! If you failed to manage this, you would end up with a much more unsellable product on the shelf! Take note of the hot-selling product and reducing order for a slow-moving product. Make sure you do FIFO method for your stock! If you have many products that closed to an expiry date. It is better to sell them off quickly, and maybe you can sell it at a discounted price! This way, you can minimize your loss and make sure your inventory is tidy.

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5. Marketing

If last year marketing has failed and got you less engagement and lead. Try to revise it! Don't be afraid to try a new method and finding what works for your business! Success is 99% failure! By finding out the similar business model and review it for your business, could help you greatly in winning your marketing game! Either it is online or offline marketing, you should better keep exploring!

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