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Valentines Rose

Valentine day is coming! It is the day everyone will be celebrating love! This February's special day is one of the best marketing opportunity for a Beauty, Spa, and Salon business! Other than a bouquet of roses and expensive chocolate, there are many ideas of gift your customer will love! With the right strategy, your customer will swoon your spa and beauty salon like crazy!

1. Valentines Day Gift Certificate!

Like a most holiday, selling gift certificates are important! It offers freedoms, and they can have many different types of services they want! It is also easier to buy it as a gift! Gift certificates do not necessarily limit to services, and you also can choose products as a choice of the gift redemption.

2. Valentine's Day Package

Create a Valentine day special package for the couples! They can experience a romantic day at your spa and salon together! Promote this special package to love birds, and you are good to go! A little relaxation and self-pampered for the day will be perfect for the couple! Don't forget to spice up your spa or salon for this romantic day. Give a dim, romantic light, set up rose-scented candles, beautiful decoration and glasses of champagne will help spark the romance!

3. Valentine's Day Special Treatment

Introduce a new romantic treatment that includes chocolate, champagne, and roses. Encourage your customer to come by at your spa or salon to enjoy this special treatment. Make it only available for valentines week! A sense of urgency will lead your customer queuing up to your spa in no time.

4. Romantic freebies!

Everyone loves free stuff! Attract them more with Valentine days theme gift! Every time your customer A few ideas to help you, such as a scented candle, a stalk of rose and chocolate body paint for their romantic night will surely make them happy!

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