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5 Benefits of Background Music influence your Salon Spa business Cover

Music is the Soul of Life. We listen to music when we are driving, eating, working, and sleeping; it accompanies us all the time. Apart from entertainment, music also has the potential to improve customer experience, increase the spending of the customer, and establish good branding, especially for bars, cafés, restaurants, spa, and salon businesses.

Why Is Background Music Important for Salons & Spa business?

Many spa and salons nowadays are not just providing a service but aim to create a relaxed and excellent experience for the customers. In 2020, we are willing to spend more money on a great and happier experience; therefore, let the music be one of your marketing tools that can influence clients' buying preferences and loyalty.

Just like you enter a spa centre and they are playing heavy metal music, sure you feel like walk away from that place because the music makes you feel irritable and restlessness, so it's crucial to choose the right background music. Not only the age group, the atmosphere that you want to create also in your consideration. Right background music can help reinforce your brand, improve staff productivity, and provide the customers with a good impression.


5 Benefits of Having the Right Background Music:


1. Improve Customer Satisfaction

While customers are waiting in the seating zone or getting their nails done at the nail bar, or getting their hair treatment done in few hours, playing background music can reduce your customer boredom and provide them with a sense of calm and tranquillity.

Sometimes the customer goes to one salon regularly is because they found a sense of calm and tranquillity in that place. When customers are having an unforgettable experience in your business, they will recommend it to their friends and family. The first impression of your business is significant, to keep customers continue to patronize your shop.


2. Increase Customer's Return Rate

Playing the right background music builds a connection between customers and your business; music directly impacting customers' moods, buying decisions, loyalty, and encouraging repeat business. Customers are in an enjoyable and comfortable environment that will trigger them to spend more on health and beauty services.

In this competitive market, you need to know your business position and ensure that your spa and salon stands out by offering the exceptional experience your competitors may not have. A right playlist can make this happen.


3. Enhance Sales and Productivity

Today's consumers are willing to spend money to get visual, auditory, and taste enjoyment. Even they are having a hair cut in barbershop or face treatment in a beauty shop, so choose the kind of music that the majority of customer likes is essential for a business owner to boost spend. Maybe you will feel incredible, but countless studies explained how background music strongly influences consumer behaviour.

Slow-paced music is ideal in the morning, and fast-paced music can play in the afternoon. Classic and Low tempo songs are the best choice to increase sales and lead customers to buy more expensive products. The music makes your customer feel relaxed and inclined to spend time in your spa or salon, spending more.


4. Improve Staff Performance

Besides the customer part, playing music in the workplace also can increase staff productivity, creativity, and mood. Your staff can pay more attention and interaction with customers, which means they are bringing benefits to your business.

While your concern about customer flow, don't forget your staff is playing a significant role in your business. Choose suitable music to keep your team happy and motivated is the key because their mood is directly affected by how they serve their customer.


5. Shaping the Reputation of Your Salon's Brand

Ultimately, the right background music can be your marketing weapon to build your reputation and brand. What is the first impression you would like to give to your customer? Modern? Joyful? Dynamic? Trust me, the music in your shop will add value to their first impression.

If your barbershop, salon, or spa centre do not have any background music, try it now, you can feel the difference after some time. And, you can conduct survey activity with your customer, to know their favourite music and increase engagements with them.


5 Tips to Choose a Good Spa & Salon Background Music:


5 tips to choose a good background music for Spa Salon Business


5 Music Suggestions for Hair Salon:

  1. Feel Alive, Artist(s): Katie Herzug
  2. Happier, Artist(s): Marshmello ft. Bastille
  3. Just The Way You Are, Artist(s): Bruno Mars
  4. Fight Song, Artist(s): Rachel Platten
  5. Love Someone, Artist(s): Lukas Graham


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