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5 Benefits of email marketing Cover

Email marketing is one of our marketing channels that allows you to keep in touch with your customers consistently. Straightforward and clear is the key of email content, like a thank you message, “Thank you for purchasing”, a cheery, “Nice to meet you,” or a sincere, “Happy Birthday”.

You can send a personalised email to your customer with their name; most of the customers love this when a business treats them as an individual. Also, you can include relevant links and social media button within your email content, to help to increase the traffic to your Facebook page or website.

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5 Benefits of Email Marketing

5 Benefits of email marketing Inforgraphic


4 Quick Tips to Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign


1. Subject Line

Keep it Short. There’s a limited character for the subject line, stick to the email standard of 70 characters max, or go even shorter and most mobile phones can’t display a subject line of more than 6 or 7 words.

Be straightforward. Send an email only when you have essential announcement such as new product launch/promotion/big sales to say. Your wording needs to give your subscriber a direction! Phrases such as “Promotion start…” or “Year-end sales…” which motivate them to open your email.

× Do not mislead your subscriber. The message of the subject line and the email content must be consistent.

× Do not use caps lock. It sounds like you’re shouting or angry your subscriber. For example, two sentences “PLEASE JOIN US IN THE CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION!!!” and “Please join us in the Christmas celebration!!!”, people will prefer the second one.


2. Add Personalization

Make sure your email list segmentation. You need to segmentally your email list. You can segment it in Age, Gender, and Geographical groups.

Add other personalization beside the recipient’s name. Include the subscriber birthday month/date personalize if you are sending a birthday email or include the membership day/anniversary year if you are sending a reward email.

× Do not send the email to Incorrect email group. If you misuse the personalization, it will raise the risk of alienating subscribers. For example, the women’s product sends to the male subscriber. It may cause a low conversion rate.


3. Experiment with Emojis

Shorten the subject line. For example, Valentine’s Day campaign: “Send a ❤️ (love) to your partner”; Promotion campaign:” We have a 🎁 (gift) for you”. It helps shorten the subject line and make it more colourful.

Must test before send. The emoji will look different on mobile for Android and Apple phones, and various email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. So, make sure you send a test email to yourself before the live blast.

× Do not overdo it. Insert Too many emojis can make the subject line indecipherable and can’t convey the right meaning. Let’s do a fun test:

Please guess the sentence of this emojis:


Answer: “Time for a makeover? We can help!”


4. Include CTA in Email

Use bright colours for the button/link and thoughtful placement. You can include a single call-to-action or multiple spots such as Header image, Inline text, and button.

Use action-oriented text. Use words such as “Register here” “Open by clicking the link” and “Contact us” will increase the average read rate by 12% to 25%.

× Do not use branding in your CTA. The customer likes something valuable (promotion or giveaway) to them instead of looking on your logo or fancy tagline.


However, it's important to use email marketing in a correct way, you must avoid irrelevant, too frequent (recommend sending one per week) or unwanted.


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