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Valentines Rose

Things are transforming around us, if you take notice, we may not be able to run a business like previous years before the pandemic. Now everyone wears a face mask and use hand sanitizer at their disposal. Will this pandemic ever end? Nobody yet has the answer. Spa and Salon business is the most affected, its hard to build trust with your customer again since everyone is extra careful about making close contact with anyone else.

To help you ease your mind, here are 5 ways your business can cope with this new normal:

1. Are you truly minimizing contacts?

This new normal, it is all about hygiene and gains more confidence for your customer to choose your establishment. How you treat your customer and your effort to keep things as clean as possible will be evaluated by them. They will likely stick with you because of your dedication to keeping things virus free and less stress!

2. Surviving is better than making any big moves.

2020 is an unpredictable year, fills with many rules and regulations to keep everyone safe. Be thankful that your business can still survive, while other businesses are hardly gasping for air, hair salon and beauty care is one of the necessities for every customer! But the spending pattern is changing, how do you cope to survive? If you can't expand, it is better to survive and slowly analyze new patterns for your customer needs. Your business too needs to evolve to keep up with this challenging time!

3. Offer attractive promotions & rebuild trust.

Study your competitor plan for the post-pandemic, things they didn't provide for their customer can be your way of winning more customers on your end. Also focusing on delivering a great service your customer will remember, so they don't have to choose anyone else.

4. Pay extra attention to your customer.

Do you understand your customer needs during this time? It is the time for getting back your customer loyalty, this year alone has impacted so many people's lives! Be more understanding and with an attitude that you can take care of them. It must be coming from an honest and caring perspective.

5. Welcome new ideas and make changes.

NNever afraid of making mistakes! It seems every one of us has to relearn our ways around. We must keep up with the times, be honest with what needs to change in our business. Learn how to increase more engagement online such as do live videos, investing in online marketing, and be more responsive to your social media followers!

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