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This year has taught us to expect the unexpected. The global pandemic has changed many behaviors for businesses and consumers. Beauty businesses will need to continue to adapt, anticipate and keep innovating to push the industry forward and succeed in the marketplace in 2021.

As the end of 2020 looms near, it’s a good time to start considering your business’ future and goals for 2021. Here are our 5 must-know takeaways from an unprecedented year so you can win in The Next Normal in 2021:

1. Looking back to the past, learn from it

To learn the future of business, you need to look to the past first. Review what you learned in 2020. What worked? What didn’t? What would you do differently? Ask yourself questions when you look for your successes and failures and your strategies for 2021 will fall into place nicely. There is no better teacher than experience!

2. Excel in your customer service more than ever

During the COVID-19 crisis, the shift to digital customer service hit fast-forward as customers had to rely on only social media, email or calls to connect with brands. Customer expectations have risen, and that’s not likely to change.

With social media and consumers constantly posting about their experiences, whether good or bad, beauty salons need to make every effort to ensure your customers have the most positive experience as possible. Think about how you can go above and beyond to “wow” your customers as this will not only create loyalty among your clientele, but also promote word-of-mouth. You’ll never know when your next positive customer review will go viral!

3. Digital Transformation will continue to accelerate

The global pandemic has renewed global beauty brands’ mission to evolve into a beauty technology company. With new technology like skin analysis tools powered by AI, use of AR via apps or social media, you don’t need to go to stores to try on samples anymore. Technology will continue to spur the beauty sector to move leaps and bounds in the years to come.

As a beauty salon, you will need to reinvent your game to draw your customers. Whether hair-zapping lasers to microcurrent rollers and high-tech contouring gadgets, people love finding new ways to treat their skin and body. So, make sure you keep up with the trends or you’ll be the one losing out!

4. Keep in touch with old customer

When a customer finds a salon they like, they are not easily swayed by price or availability. They would rather pay more and ensure the same quality service and product they know and love. Engaging old customers is also easier since they already have prior knowledge and experience with you, so it seems easier to convince them to buy from you.

To ensure your customers are sticking around for as long as possible, make sure you get their feedback, celebrate their loyalty with promotions or discounts and showing you value them patronising.

5. Road to recovery, adapt and survive.

Speed matters: Only the fittest will survive. This year, we saw how governments acted quickly, decisively and used innovative solutions to confront the COVID-19 crisis. Beauty salons will need to do the same and find new and better ways of doing things to be better prepared to face the future.

Let’s keep looking ahead, adapting to new realities and keeping up a can-do spirit!

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