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Everyone loves a good sale from classic percent-off discounts to joint promotions. An effective sales promotion uses attractive imagery and words to appeal to the needs and emotions of your customers. No matter the size of your business, there's something in here for everyone. So read on if you're ready to learn 8 effective sales promotion tactics you should use for a HUAT year!

1. Put up your offers on Google search

Did you know that you can run promotions on your Google business listing? This allows customers to see officers when they find your business on Google Maps or the search engine.

All you need to do is create your Google My Business account and from the dashboard, you can create different types of posts like Offers, Updates, Events, and Products.

2. Free samples

Sampling is often referenced as one of the best sales promotions out there. People like things they can try before buying. Offering free samples introduces customers to products they may not have considered before, and has the power to encourage them to buy. Do you have a product that you’re trying to sell? Give out samples!

3. Cashback promotions

Many customers will agree that it doesn’t feel as bad to spend money when you get some in return. It’s almost like paying less from the start and then having extra money to get other products.

Using your membership system, see how you can implement this. Cashback promotions are win-win for both you and your customers!

4. Lifestyle discounts

Lifestyle discounts means discounts for specific profession, age group or demographic. While you can offer these promotions all year round, there are some months and days of the year dedicated to specific groups of people, so be sure to take advantage of that. For example, offers for all mothers in May, for all teachers in September etc.

Get creative and you may even go viral, like this prata place that attracted many Liverpool fans to celebrate Liverpool’s win over prata and good company.

5. Flash sales and discounts

Flash sales are the best tactics at creating a sense of urgency to buy now. Often, many websites have a countdown timer so that customers will feel like time is running out, driving them to purchase immediately.

When running flash sales, be sure to announce to your customers when the sale is happening, whether through social media, email or physically, so that they get hyped to buy. Offering generous discounts will definitely help you see results!

6. Referral discounts

Bringing new customers should always be on your radar. One way to keep the new customers rolling in is to offer discounts to current customers who refer a friend.

7. Influencer Marketing to promote AND as social proof

Once you find a social media influencer with an established image that works for your brand, posts content you feel complements your products or services, be sure to use it as social proof. Reposting it on your own social media channel will add value to their usually sponsored posts and reach your own customers.

8. VIP offers

Having a VIP offer creates a sense of exclusivity. Creating “FOMO” or Fear Of Missing Out is one of the most effective ways because nobody likes feeling they’ve been left out. Customers who want in on the deal will have to sign up to enjoy the offer.

Which sales promotion tactics will you try?

So what's your goal? Increase your sales? Get more repeat business? Boost awareness of your brand? Or all of the above? Then it’s time to pick a sales promo and run with it!