Build a Great Customer Relationship & Stronger Engagement.

80% Grant Available

Build your customer database and store important data in one place. Keep customer’s information, preference, and purchase history in WESS. With a glance, you’ll able to provide a better level of personal service that will impress your customer!

  • Customer Profile
  • Customer Membership
  • Customer referral and marketing
  • Appointment & No Show History
  • Track Customer Money owning to you
  • Customer Opening Balance Management
  • Design Custom Feedback
  • Survey Form Builder
  • Log Service Treatment Comment
  • Allow issue of Medical Certification (MC)
  • Pre-approved under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) - Up to 80% grant

Customer Relation

Productivity Solutions Grant By IMDA

Survey Form Builder

Easy Survey Builder, Real Time Survey Results, Powerful Analytics.


Understand your customer better with WESS new survey form builder! Now you can analyze your customer needs and convert it into more sales!

Advanced and Automated Customer Grouping

Advanced & Automated Customer Grouping.

Automated the customer grouping process with WESS Customer Grouping. Set once and the system will help you group your customer defined by the spending rules you have set. Group Customers can enjoy automated discounts and special rewards points.

Track Spending and Purchase Pattern

Track Spending & Purchase Pattern

Get insight of your customer purchase pattern.

Offer them more personalize products and services that they will love!

Design Custom Consultancy Question

Design Custom Consultancy Question

Have a set of unique consultancy questions that you like to record from your customers. WESS’s powerful and flexible consultancy question allow you to design any kinds of questions, be it a check-box, text field, radio box, you can have it all.

New Customer Self Entry.

Cut down processing time.

Increase Customer Engagement.

While waiting for the appointment, let your customer fill up their profile digitally using an tablets!

New Customer Self Entry