Powerful Inventory Management Made Easy.

80% Grant Available

Make sales today with the easy to use, flexible and powerful point

of sale. Seamless experience, integrating smartly into various parts

of WESS.

  • Real-Time Stock Control
  • Fix Cost / Average Cost Calculation
  • Expiry Date Control
  • Track stock across multiple locations
  • Comprehensive Inventory Reporting
  • Pre-approved under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) - Up to 80% grant


Productivity Solutions Grant By IMDA

Stock In / Stock out

Stock In / Stock out

Stock movements make easy and accurate.

Stock Take - Give you on top of your inventory health!

Stock Take - Give You On Top of Your Inventory Health!

We help you make the monthly Stocktake less messy, easier.

Make sure your stock level is always right, no discrepancies.

Good inventory with Purchase Order

Good Inventory with Purchase Order

Keep track the whole process of stock movement between branches/suppliers, from order to delivery. 100% transparency, better accounting.