Product, Service & Package

80% Grant Available

In WESS, we empowered you to differentiate your retail items into Product, Service & Package. Each item type has its unique characteristic designed to suit your business.

  • Retail & Salon Product Management
  • Stock Control - Limit Qty, Max Qty
  • Service Management
  • Sell Service By Duration
  • Auto price divide among Package Items
  • Consumption Period/Validity Control
  • Lowest Price Control
  • Pricing Group/Level
  • Pre-approved under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) - Up to 80% grant


Productivity Solutions Grant By IMDA

Track how Salon Product are being used?

Track Services Product Usage

You have services products that need to manage in the inventory. You need to know when you need to do the ordering, need to know how it is the usage, and you need to be empowered. The comprehensive features in WESS allow you to set and configure how each salon product usage for each service.

Advanced Credit Control

Flexible Package Design with Product & Service

The package offers a pre-mixed package of services and products that can provide to the customer. Design different promotional packages that your customers simply can't resist!