Easy to use, Powerful Point of Sales

80% Grant Available

Make sales today with the easy to use, flexible and powerful point of sale. Seamless experience, integrating smartly into various parts of WESS.

  • Integrated with Appointment
  • Track FOC Items
  • Allow different Payment Methods
  • Auto Inventory Adjustment
  • Manage Payment of Balance
  • Payment Method with Bank Charge calculation
  • Allow Mass Checkout
  • Petty Cash Management
  • Advanced Value Allocation for Employee
  • Pre-approved under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) - Up to 80% grant


Productivity Solutions Grant By IMDA

Go Green with E-Receipt

Save environment and paper by sending e-receipt via email to your customer.

Go Green with Digital Signature!

Go Green with Digital Signature!

Let customer sign digitally. Keep everything in WESS, more traceable, no dispute, save paper - Go Green!

GST (Tax) ready for your business

GST (Tax) Ready for Your Business

WESS is tax ready and compliant with your country's taxation regulation. Accurate Tax handling and reporting give you peace of mind to run your business with confidence.