Unlimited users. Secure Control.

80% Grant Available

WESS allows you to have different users and roles that you need for your business. Your data is precious, you want more control, we have it.

WESS has security in place to make sure your data is protected from malicious users. These features allow you to authorize your WESS account for specific users. You can create your own role and choose suitable access with it in WESS. It's also UNLIMITED, that's mean you can create as many users and roles as you want.

The advantages of having these features are:

  • Protect data from misuse
  • Enable access for a specific user to simplify WESS
  • Secure sales information
  • Appoint specific branch for each user
  • Enable and disable user account
  • Pre-approved under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) - Up to 80% grant


Productivity Solutions Grant By IMDA

Number of User Logins - Unlimited

Number of User Logins - Unlimited

No control, create as many user logins as you like. Unlimited.

Precise role - Do only what you allow!

Precise Role - Custom Access Permission

Design different precise roles. Allow the right person to do the right things. No compromise.

Protect your precious data

Protect Your Precious Data

Your data is under protection. You can limit your user's access time, they are unable to view your data when not at work. WESS helps you to prevent and control and let you have peace of mind.