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easy to use
Easy to Use
WESS is design with simplicity in mind. It is simple to use and easy to learn. No installation needed, sign up and start using!
Comprehensive set of features to help you in every part of your business. From front desk to back office, WESS is there for you.
Access Anyway
Access anyway, anywhere by using a computer, tablet and smartphone. As long as you have internet connection.
low cost
Low Cost
Low monthly service charge. Pay as you use. No annual license, contracts, upgrade fees and maintenance fees.
low risk
Low Risk
No worries for virus attack or hardware failures. Automatically data backup. WESS is placed on powerful cloud servers located in reliable data-centres and managed by IT professionals.
Highly Secure
WESS uses industry-leading technology (e.g. SSL 128bits encryption) to keep your information safe.
Multi-Language Support
Selectively by user, WESS can be displayed in English or Chinese.
On-going Updates / Maintenance
Receive updates immediately and automatically once they are available.
Unlimited Customer Support
Provide training and support to help you learn the software and reach out to us for any help you may need.